Organizational Toxin Handlers

Book Endorsements

I've met a few of the remarkable professionals Dr. Daniel perfectly describes. They simply are the soul of organizations. She wisely warns that empaths in this conflicted role need self-care to offset harm from exposure to the darkest emotional demons. These conscientious and ethical actors deserve C-suite support. Daniel argues strongly for top-down appreciation of the value toxin handlers bring to both employee well-being and the bottom line. I hope executives incorporate the wisdom found here.
-- Gary Namie, PhD, Co-Founder & Director, Workplace Bullying Institute
This is a provocative, realistic, and deeply considered examination about how HR professionals and those in related positions may engage challenging, sometimes precarious roles as organizational toxin handlers. It's packed with next-level insights that will especially appeal to experienced HR leaders who have navigated this role and may have some bruises to show for it. Hopeful yet frank in voice, practical in approach while being grounded in research, this important book will prompt needed conversations about HR's facilitative and managerial role and inspire new approaches to improving our quality of work life.
-- David Yamada, JD, Professor of Law and Director, New Workplace Institute, Suffolk University Law School, Boston, MA
Organizational Toxin Handlers is a very novel and interesting book. It explores the toxic issues that arise in organizations. During the COVID-19 crisis and the recession that follows it, this is a ‘must read’ to understand how to handle toxic situations and people—you won’t be disappointed.
-- Professor Sir Cary Cooper, ALLIANCE Manchester Business School, University of Manchester, UK
In her unique and creative book, Dr. Daniel shares real-world experiences from HR professionals who daily deal with toxic emotions.  Most conflicts are fueled by emotions, and how they are managed determines if the workplace is toxic, or if conflicts are viewed as opportunities for positive transformation (or not). In today’s ever-changing world, uncertainty can manifest in fear, anger, and resentment, and both leaders and employees are struggling to find their new normal.This book is both timely and timeless, as it offers practical suggestions for organizational practitioners and leaders navigating today’s unchartered waters.
-- LaVena Wilkin, PhD, Journal of Conflict Management, Editor-in-Chief

We need to do what we can to eradicate toxic environments – this book gives clear insights into how to do this.
-- Professor Tony Wall, Founder and Head of the International Centre for Thriving at Work at the University of Chester, UK
"Daniel provides an insightful discussion about how HR practitioners can act to protect employees from the constant barrage of toxic expectations commonly experienced within our organisations. The book highlights this unique role of HR practitioners as protectors and describes how they can shape their organisations to reduce the inherent toxicity. A book highly pertinent for HR practitioners, business students, and organisational scholars."
-- Professor Paula Brough, School of Applied Psychology, Griffith University, Australia
I applaud Dr. Teresa Daniel for writing this excellent book.  It not only takes the bold step in acknowledging and addressing the topic of organizational toxicity, but this book also provides insights into the role of HR in helping employees and organizations to solve the serious problem of toxic workplace situations. It is a must read and contributes significantly to the field of HR.
-- Dr. Natalie White, Human Resource Leader, Humana, Louisville, KY